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Besides finding your local Ziji group, you can participate in the work we do together as a global community to support and connect with each other. Here’s how you can get involved.

Join the discussion on our organizational platform, Slack

In lieu of emails, we use Slack to communicate and organize together. Slack is an organizational application that allows us to connect and share files and ideas! Through this tool we can converse on private and public channels, set up meetings and discussions, and share documents with great ease. Check out the overview here! Things you can see on Slack–

  • Channels dedicated to Working Groups and Projects (#communications, #administration, #changesocial, #groupleaders, #westcoast, #socialmeditation, #expressions, etc.)
  • General information and announcements
  • Meeting notes, documents, and resources
  • Private Message other Ziji members
  • Upcoming Zoom Call meeting times and links

If you are interested in joining Ziji Collective’s Slack Channel, email your request to

Weigh in on decisions by using our decision making tool, Loomio

Loomio can be accessed via web browser at and it works as a central place for us to post any questions and conversations about Ziji Collective as a whole—and then move them to action items by making proposals. If you are interested in the direction of the Ziji Collective—regardless of your previous level of engagement— please feel invited to sign up and have a say in how we move forward. This platform really does make it so that anyone can start discussions and proposals—there is no central group making decisions for the rest of us. Simply signing up for Loomio means that you are self-identifying as an equal stakeholder in how we move forward as a group. In that spirit, we also invite you to invite others to join, as well. Click the link below to join the Ziji Collective’s Loomio group:

To learn more about how we use Loomio, see this page:

How We Use Loomio

Join us on Facebook

If you’re a young person interested in a space to engage authentically on social media, come join the discussion at the Ziji Collective International FB group! It’s a great way to stay connected to what’s happening locally and internationally, and to practice mindfulness on the internet — not always an easy feat!

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at!

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