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Finding a location:

This is often seen as the real barrier to starting a local Ziji group. Finding a space to hold it, and all of the complications that brings along with it, how will we collect money to pay for it? Who will do the organization? Etc etc. While you can do this right off the bat there are also some easier simpler solutions that you can look in to.

If you have a small group of friends that are interested consider doing a rotation where people host a Ziji evening in their homes, you can sit, maybe have a potluck or whatever else you’re interested in.

If you have a local meditation center talk to them, many centers are very willing to host a Ziji night.

If you can’t find a place at all and none of the options above work for you consider hosting a Ziji walk, you can do silent meditative walking, then discuss your experiences together.

Ziji means something different for everyone, but most agree that it’s about community and support, don’t let yourself get lost in the details.

Gathering members:

  • Advertise at your local center if you have one
  • Get connected on the Ziji collective online community and see if anyone near you is interested
  • Ask your friends
  • Ask in other like minded communities involved in activism or meditative activities like yoga or martial arts

Communicating with your Members:

Try to do this, at least occasionally, everything becomes easier with communication

  • Create a directory of members with the information they feel comfortable sharing
  • The most basic and often most effective way is to send out an email
  • Create a facebook group, Google+ group, or a channel on slack, whatever way your members feel comfortable with

Managing your relationship with other local groups:

Sometimes your local center may feel threatened by your Ziji group. Make sure to communicate that Ziji isn’t trying to steal away members but to provide a way for them to come together and feel accepted and at home. It can exist together with the other organizations around it.

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