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Inspired by the Shambhala vision of Enlightened Society, the Ziji Collective operates from the radical view that human beings and society are fundamentally good. We believe a just and peaceful future is possible and are dedicated to making it a reality.


The Ziji Collective gathers, connects, and advocates for inspired young meditators across the globe to promote a society awakened to its nature as resilient, uplifted, wakeful, and kind.


The Ziji Collective commits to honoring the unconditional worthiness of all beings regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, self-identification, religion, culture, language, ability, weight, incarceration status, mental or physical health, or any other status that is or might be used to systematically strip one’s sense of worthiness. Because we trust in the universality of basic goodness, we do not believe that there exists an identity status that can diminish the fundamental value of any person, nor do we believe that any such status should impact the level of care and respect with which we treat one another.

It is necessary to state this as an organizational value because we exist within and are influenced by societies in which people and institutions often fail to honor the primordial worthiness of others. As products of these societies and institutions, we tend to replicate their patterns and perpetuate suffering. We seek an approach that is better aligned with our view of Enlightened Society. To this end, we aspire to promote a culture of accountability, in which our members can readily and unabashedly acknowledge and learn from missteps in service of a better future.

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