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Getting started with your local Ziji Group

Back to Wiki Home Finding a location: This is often seen as the real barrier to starting a local Ziji group. Finding a space to hold it, and all of the complications that brings along with it, how will we collect money to pay for it? Who will do the organization? Etc etc. While you can do this right off the bat there are also some easier simpler solutions that you can look in to. If you have a small group of friends that are interested consider doing a rotation where people host a Ziji evening in their homes, you…

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Contact Directory

Back to Wiki Home General Email or Inquiries will be forwarded to the relevant party.    Working Groups Finance — Danielle Livellara ( Communications — Annica Crouse ( Expressions — Fred Meyer ( Coordination —  Corey Adkins ( Summit Planning — Court Donner ( Regional Contacts US Northeast US West Coast US South Canada Europe South America Mexico Slack In lieu of emails, we use Slack to communicate and organize together. Slack is an organizational application that allows us to connect and share files and ideas! Through this tool we can converse on private and public channels, set up meetings and discussions, and share…

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