2016 Berlin Summit Teachers

The Teaching Team is the group who will be crafting this year’s Summit, guiding us through our conversations together and sharing their wisdom and experiences to enrich our gathering.

Adam-Lobel-250x333Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel is a teacher in the Shambhala tradition, a Buddhist minister, and a scholar of philosophy and religion. Adam leads meditation workshops, courses on Buddhist philosophy and the social vision of Shambhala. He teaches meditation to youths within the prison system and a mental health institution. In 2008, the Sakyong named Acharya Lobel the Kalapa Acharya. The Kalapa Acharya presides over the Pillar of Practice and Education within Shambhala.Adam is a doctoral candidate at Harvard University and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has an eight-year-old son, Javin, who is a Jedi Knight in training.

FullSizeRenderShastri Trinley Busby, assigned to Vancouver, British Columbia, first met the Sakyong in 2006. Her volunteer and contract work in the area of housing and poverty activism led her to the field of frontline social service support work in Vancouver’s Eastside, working specifically with marginalized populations who have experienced homelessness and live with concurrent mental health and substance abuse challenges. For the past 10 years, Shastri Trinley has been uniting her experiences as a meditator with her work as an activist.

bk-fot1Bartek Kociemba joined Shambhala in 2003. He’s been active as a translator, MI, program and group coordinator for Warsaw Shambhala Centre. He studied political science, but as a profession he chose to follow a path of illustration art, creating visual works for magazines, theatres and various institutions. In his work he focuses on human, nature and the emotional space expressed within them. He spends most of time in-between Poland and Denmark, supporting local groups in Copenhagen, Krakow, Szczecin and Warsaw. Lives in Copenhagen with his partner Mikkel.


Marguerite Drescher is a visual artist and graphic recorder/facilitator, trained in cultivating vivid expressions for learning. She is dedicated to living art and exploring the possibilities for social transformation through creative process. Marguerite is committed to surfacing all of the voices in a process with the understanding that a radically inclusive approach is what will allow us to come to sustainable strategies and actions on this chaotic path. Marguerite works with communities, governments and businesses, in Nova Scotia and around the world, mapping complex issues into simple images. Her business Brave Space offers graphic facilitation and process design. She is an unwavering Nova Scotian, with deep roots in that raw and magical place, and currently lives in Halifax.

faradee.jpgFaradee Rudy runs the Alumni Program at the International School of Brussels, in Belgium and has worked for other not-for-profit educational organizations for many years, most recently as the Executive Director of the Center for Living Peace in Irvine, California. She was also the Development Director at Shambhala Mountain Center, a meditation retreat center in Colorado. Faradee has been a meditation practitioner since 2000, an authorized teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage since 2010, and has taught at numerous retreat and meditation centers and other organizations in both North America and Europe. Faradee is also an Interior Designer and writes a blog called Meaningful By Design. She is on an eternal quest to create elegance, social harmony, joy, and primarily meaning in the world.

NickShastri Nick Kranz has been a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1997. He has developed an approach to cultural transformation in the practice of Social Meditation, and worked with Youth Leadership development in the Shambhala community for the last decade. He brings the wisdom of meditation practice to businesses and organizations with www.mindfulinthemidst.com, He is also a founder of a farm to table grocery delivery service somethinggud.com, which is a benefit corporation with the mission to provide holistically healthy options. He is interested in the intersection of social entrepreneurship,  awakened intentional community, and collaborative right livelihood.

Shastri Douglas Toth


Here a few of the workshops that they will be leading in the Summit this year.

  • The 21st Century Home – Social Disruptor or Ego Incubator?- Faradee Rudy
    Explore what it means to set up and relate to your home so that it is a catalyst for social transformation. Too often, we believe that radical cultural societal change is something that takes place outside our home and hearths. This workshop will investigate the idea that our domestic situation is the cornerstone of societal transformation and the key to creating enlightened society.

  • Social Meditation – Manifesting together on the spot- Nick Kranz

    Social meditation is a group practice in which we create a safe space for people to be their authentic selves, together.
    Through the practice we reveal and explore our cultural assumptions and points of view –We gain insight from each other’s offerings; both verbal and nonverbal.
    In this way we develop a culture of nowness, which we can share with our Ziji groups, centers and communities.

  • Shambhala Storytelling: Fearless Proclamation of Sound- Doug Toth

    One of the three ways we manifest in this world is through speech. Often, we use our words to react to what we feel in a neurotic way, as to secure, protect, negate and dispel. Shambhala storytelling shows us very precisely how we tend to manipulate this gate, and at the same time, by going through the practice, imbues us with genuineness, trust and confidence – that we can stay in the saddle amidst groundlessness and fear, before our very eyes. This technique’s main purpose is to illuminate how speech can be a vehicle of directly experiencing the no apology culture of what we feel.

  • Creating A Just Environment- Trinley Busby

    The Sakyong said, “we need to create a Just environment in which practice can happen.”

    As the setting sun increases, we need to have clarity and conviction. What would a Just community look like? How do we sharpen our ability to accept and reject, and where do we find the conviction to stay true to basic goodness?

  • Overcoming Burnout- Bartek Kociemba

    In todays global culture the tendency to get overwhelmed or disheartened with our actions, projects or work is becoming the threatening reality of those with passion. How do we recognise that we’re approaching our limits? What are the hidden messages behind the difficulties, and how do we relate with overworking, irritation and resentment?

    We will investigate the possibility of Burnout being a friend who helps us to see a broader perspective and teaches us about kindness towards ourselves and others.