2016 Berlin Global Summit

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This years Ziji Collective Summit will be an adventure into exploring leadership and practice in disruption…

The world we live in is shifting and may be at a limit point: How do we hold our hearts and each other in the midst of radical change and even the possibility of collapse?

How can we build capacity for individual and collective liberation in such chaos?

How do we take action and build our skills as well as having meaningful relationships and conversations?

How can we fully relate to the real world, listening to what’s needed and not jumping to solutions out of habit?

What spiritual training can allow for bravery, compassion, and skill in the midst of disruption?

Can we create a portal into sacredness to truly understand what it is we are trying to create when we use the words: “enlightened society”?

We are excited to invite Zijis into a retreat that will explore theory, settle into meditation, engage in conversations and invite magic and sacredness from the Shambhala lineage. We intend to engage with our surroundings in Berlin and explore the city, practice together and learn from each other on the path of warriorship in the midst of disruption.

What is a Ziji Collective International Summit?

The Ziji Collective International Summit is a global gathering of young adults (20s and 30s) who share the vision and inspiration of basic goodness: the idea that human beings and society are fundamentally good. By gathering with a diverse group of energized people who share our vision, we are inspired to carry this vision into our lives and societies so we can transform our world. Coming together we find space to listen and share, learn and inspire, through a culture of inclusivity and presence. We will practice meditation and collectively explore how to help each other with the work that we are doing in our communities and the world. Because our background is Shambhalian, all religious and non-religious points of view are welcome. To attend the summit no previous experience is required, only a desire and commitment to being a part making the world a better place.

You can read about last year’s Summit here, and the Casa Werma Retreat that followed it here.

Download a poster for the Summit here.

Learn about the Teaching Team for the Summit here.

You can learn more about the Summit by watching one of a series of visioning calls that we had in April. These are accessible on YouTube here: April 10th, April 24th, May 1st

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Book your flights soon! The 16th will be an arrival day: we will kick off our program in the evening of that day.


We anticipate that the collective costs for the Summit will amount to approximately 175 Euros (200 US Dollars) per person, not including transportation, food, or housing. This will cover the cost of renting the venue as well as covering transportation and housing for the teachers. We also anticipate that not everyone will be able to afford this amount, and therefore request that if you are in a position to offer more, that you give generously. And if you can offer less than that amount, your contribution is also very welcome! You can offer this via PayPal or credit card here:

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Making your contribution ahead of time will allow for us to gather the funds we need to cover some up-front expenses, such as flights for our amazing teaching team. Thank you for your generosity!