Winter Working Groups’ Gathering

Dear Friends in Brilliant Ziji-ness,

It has been a year in September since the summit in Berlin, Germany, and that year has brought significant changes within the World of Ziji. There have been many direct and indirect requests for clarity: clarity regarding who we are, clarity regarding what we do, clarity regarding how we connect both internally and externally. As a group we’ve discussed and come to agreement on how we wish to make decisions, govern ourselves, and how we relate and connect to Shambhala.

Even with the postponement of the Ziji Collective Summit from this November to Spring 2018, there is still work that we view as important to solidifying and stating our vision and tying it back to what’s happening on the ground.

As a result, those involved in Working Groups have recently ratified plans for a Working Groups’ Gathering this coming fall in November/December.

The purposes of this gathering are:

1) To meet with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, declare our intention to be in relationship with him as the youth movement of Shambhala, and work together to establish the specifics of that relationship moving forward;

2) To ceremonially share space as a global leadership team, including the transition of some Working Group chairs to new members;

3) To act as a deadline for each Working Group to implement 2017 goals, including: a. Establishing Ziji Collective USA as a 501c3 non-profit organization b. Drafting an operating budget for 2018 c. Preparations for the 2018 Nashville Summit d. Proposing the time and place for the subsequent Summit after Nashville e. Publishing the Ziji Manual

4) To connect global Ziji leaders with the young Shambhala community in the Colorado region.

With the intention of making this space and work as inclusive as possible, the costs for transportation, lodging, and food will be taken on as a collective responsibility. What this means for those involved is seeking low-cost accommodations and fundraising together for anything above and beyond our collective resources.

The gathering will last for 3 days and will be open to anyone who is actively engaged with any of the Ziji Working Groups by September 15th.

In order to make the event as workable as possible, details such as the dates, venue, and agenda will be solidified once interested members have identified themselves and the work they are interested in.

To learn more about joining a working group, please contact one of the Working Group chairs:

Annica Crouse (Communications); Corey Adkins (Connecting Points); Alexandria Barnes (Finance); Court Donner (Summit Planning); Fred Meyer (Wakeful Forms).

More information on the working groups is located on the Ziji Collective website, here.

This is also an opportunity for those who wish to create a new space to work within the online Ziji mandala to do so by creating a new working group. This could take many forms, depending on your inspiration and what you feel is needed in our community. To create a working group, please fill out the Working Group Proposal form.

Those with questions, concerns, or those with issues and perspectives they wish to be represented at this gathering, are welcome to reach out to their regional representative:

Corey Adkins (North & Central America), Andres Leslie (South America), and Ángela Valencia Rubio (Europe).


With warm hugs,

The Ziji Collective Working Group Leaders


Corey Adkins

Fred Meyer

Annica Crouse

Alexandria Barnes

Court Donner