How We Work: Ziji Organizational Chart

Over the past few years, and especially since last year’s Berlin Summit, we’ve worked very hard to organize ourselves for transparency, inclusiveness, and efficiency. We’re proud to announce (graphically, thank goodness) the result of all that work: the Ziji Organizational Chart.

The Chart

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Some highlights to notice:

Working Groups

We do most of our day-to-day work through our Working Groups, which currently number five: Finance, Summit Planning, Wakeful Forms, Communications, and Connecting Points.

Connecting Points is our main link to mentors and partners within Shambhala and elsewhere, as well as other allies and partners. Wakeful Forms is our main link to the specific practices and skillful means that we use in our groups, at our Summits, in online gatherings, and so on.

Decisionmaking and Transparency through Loomio

We use Loomio, an online decisionmaking platform, to make major decisions in an open and transparent manner, through discussion and voting. Loomio decisions are the ultimate source of the authority embedded in the Working Groups, for example.

Communications: Slack, Facebook, Zoom, and Other Tools

We are very active on Slack, our major communications platform and the way we coordinate our day-to-day work with one another. We also host discussions using Facebook, make announcements using the Ziji mailing list, and hold regular video meetings using Zoom videoconferencing software.


We hope this makes it easy to understand how we work and how we’re structured. Please find us on Slack if you’d like any more information or to get involved.