Aspirations by Zijians — International Women’s Day

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we are collecting individual aspirations connected to feminism in the world and in our communities. How can we relate to the idea of feminist activism in a Buddhist Community? 

★ I aspire to bring gentleness as a primary value into activist settings where it typically is not one.

★ I aspire to work from a sense of worthiness, allowing that to be the binding principle of why I am engaging in issues of gender equality. Worthiness is something all beings have.

★ I aspire to affect issues of gender by cultivating awareness of them in the everyday choices in my life. This includes not feeling unworthy because I am not marching on the street.

★ I aspire to be more upfront and deliberate around bringing conversations on gender and transgender issues into our Shambhala communities.

★ I aspire to bring awareness to issues that affect women of every race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age and social status. This means acknowledging the importance of intersectionality in activism and in our Ziji and Shambhala communities.


What is your aspiration? To add your message, email or send a message in the comments.