Welcome to the Ziji Collective


Who We Are

20141025_155302The Ziji Collective is a global network of inspired young people, dedicated to the vision of basic goodness: the radical view that human beings and society are fundamentally good.

With this view, we work to create enlightened society: a society that is uplifted, caring, gentle, and wakeful.

We are empowered within the lineage of Shambhala Buddhism. We see the strength and potency of the Shambhala teachings, and feel that it is time to carry that vision out into the world, into society.

What We Do

ziji-meditatorsWe are a global network which brings together young meditators and spiritual practitioners (typically younger than 40) from various walks of life.

Our groups work through the practice of meditation; through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and wisdom; and through collective action. We organize young meditator nights, engage in community activities, arts events, meditation and spiritual teachings, and social activism—all in line with our vision of basic goodness and creating a decent human society.

Join Us!

20141025_150412We’d love to meet you! Check to see if we’re in your city, and learn ways to get involved.

No matter where you are, we’d love to hear from you: be in touch. You can also join our mailing list (see sidebar) and find us on Facebook. And please check back here often as we offer news and ways to connect as a community.