Sunday: Free Online Talk with Shastri Nick Kranz

large shrine room gong miksang

We’re continuing the Ziji Online Gatherings this Sunday with a free public talk from Shastri Nick Kranz! Details: Sunday, April 26 7 PM US Eastern time/4 PM Pacific (individual sitting beforehand) via Google Hangout at this link: RSVP in the comments below! Please join us—we can’t wait to see you! About Ziji Online Gatherings Ziji Online Gatherings is our effort to connect the Ziji community through regular online discussions on meditation, spirituality, and wakeful living across the Ziji Collective. All are welcome! About Nick Nick is the founder of Mindful in the Midst, which offers on-site training in mindfulness…

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Me, My Selves, and Nobody


An Experiment in Temporary Monasticism Editor’s Note: The author is currently in residence at Gampo Abbey as part of their nine-month monastic training residency. The journey that brought me to Gampo Abbey was in motion for months. The alignment of coincidences that made this possible. Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles made my decision even more resolved. Things that were holding me back dissolved, even though not in a magical, pain-free way. Leading up to the big move, I had to admit to myself that I was overwhelmed and had to drop a few projects—my usual pattern of not planning things out. (More accurately: making…

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Ziji Online Gatherings Continue This Sunday


Ziji Online Gathering Pioneers Alex Rodriguez, Annica Crouse, Kevin Winters, and Fred Meyer First Ziji Online Gathering A Success Our first official Ziji Online Gathering took place about a week and a half ago, bringing four young meditators from across the United States to meditate together and enjoy each other’s wakeful conversation. We began by meditating together, from the comfort of our respective living spaces in Seattle, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and New Orleans. When we all joined into the Google Hangout to begin the discussion, I had the group each transcribe two paragraphs from Sakyong Mipham’s The Shambhala Principle, from…

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the art of living


Formal meditation practice helps us bring our hearts into our daily lives. But what if we no longer have the time to actually sit? When Rianne was working numerous jobs through an employment agency she started wondering if she could still meditate and continue on her path even though the time she spend on her cushion was very slim. Shortly after summer I started working shitty jobs to pay off the money my father had lent me for Sacred World Assembly, and to save a little extra if I could. At 6 am my alarm clock would start buzzing and…

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