Interview Before and After Shambhala Level I

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About the Author: Will McMahan is an international development professional and meditation practitioner living in Seattle. In these two interviews with Fred Meyer, a Shambhala practitioner and a friend from high school and college, Will discussed his experience before and after attending Shambhala Level I with Acharya Jenny Warwick. 1. Friday Morning Before Level I How did you come to meditation, and to Shambhala specifically? I didn’t start on the path very intentionally until last year, in May 2014—that was the first time I started meditating in earnest. Before that I had read a couple of books by Pema Chödrön,…

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OK! Buddha: reflections on Internet dating, the dharma and one Shambhala warrior’s failed attempt to find love online.

OK! Buddha:  reflections on Internet dating, the dharma and one Shambhala warrior’s failed attempt to find love online.

This is a confessional piece about a recent…[ummm manic]…online dating episode I had a few weeks ago. Retrospectively, I know why meditation is important to me. I meditate so that I can reflect on my experiences, both the delightful and the painful. And in that stillness, I sometimes find the courage to ask myself some uncomfortable questions. As I re-call my experience I will make these reflections clear through topics affectionately called “vignettes de crazy”. And at several points I will refer to Sakyong Mipham’s book Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies for Modern Life, because in the midst of my craziness his book was…

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the dharma of depression


“It’s Wednesday afternoon and I am still in bed. I didn’t bother to have breakfast, or brush my teeth. I could go outside for a walk and run an errand, but in total honestly I just couldn’t be bothered.” That could have been one of my journal entries. If I kept one. My depression and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year. But in addition to that, I celebrated my newly gained insights. For some reason I had led myself to believe that I was a victim. That poor old me would suffer from depression for eternity, and possibly a…

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This week, in the spirit of honoring the new year, the Ziji Collective Website Editorial Team has some news to share! You might have already noticed some changes to the site in the past few days, and we’re here to tell you about them. Council Page First of all, there is a new page, which is accessible through the Council button on the bottom of this window (scroll all the way down), with brief bios for each member the Ziji Collective Global Council and also this site’s Editorial Team. If you’d like to know more about the people who are bringing Ziji online,…

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